Parsnip & Apple Soup

Parsnip & Apple Soup

During these tough times of social distancing and food rationing it is vitally important to get the best out of all your ingredients, particularly fresh ones in danger of going off. This soup Parsnip & Apple Soup is comforting and just an example of the many possibilities that you can create. This soup is very simple to make & perfectly suited to finishing with a hand blender and no need to strain.

Ingredients for Parsnip & Apple Soup

Serves 6

4 Parsnips £0.68
(A little spongey is fine)

1 Apple £0.44

1 Onion £0.09

Oat Milk Pulp or 1 Potato

1.5 ltr Water

2 tsp Vegan Boullion Powder £0.10
(Or Vegan Stock Cube)

1 tbsp of your preferred Oil

Total Cost £1.31 Cost per head £0.22

Optional extras I used: 2-3 cm end of Root Ginger, Oat Milk Pulp Rosemary from windowsill pot

Prep time 10 mins

Cook time 30 mins

Creating Parsnip & Apple Soup

Phase 1
  1. If the 4 Parsnips are a little spongey they may not be easy to peel with a peeler, so take a sharp knife and trim the skin off.
  2. Peel and roughly dice the 1 Onion
  3. Core, peel and roughly dice 1 Apple
  4. If using Potato, peel and dice

Optional: Here I added the Ginger (peeled and sliced) and a few sprigs of Rosemary

Phase 2
  1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan
  2. Add the Parsnip, Onion, Apple, 1 tbsp Salt, 2 tbsp Vegan Boullion Powder (& potato if using)
  3. Fry for 2 min
  4. Pour over 1.5 ltr Water
Phase 3
  1. Add the Oat Milk Pulp
  2. Blend with hand blender until soup is lump free
  3. Pour through a sieve if your prefer a smoother texture.

Happy Eating

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