Happy Birthday Muse (Our Giant Continental Rabbit)

Happy Birthday Muse (Our Giant Continental Rabbit)

I may have mentioned somewhere that we are bunny mad. We have 5 house-rabbits, we also board & bond them.

Muse is our Grey Chinchilla Giant Continental Rabbit. He weighs in at 6.5kg. He is playful, cheeky, playful and nurturing. We posted an appeal in 2017 after rescuing French Lop Topsy from an awful home. We needed a male bunny that would be loving and patient to bond with Topsy. She was also a big bun and needed a bunny of similar size to bond with.

Muse was given to us by a very kind lady in Derby (nearly 200 miles away) after she saw our setup and was really happy he would be in a loving home. He, himself was being bullied by some of her other bunnies and he had recently lost 2 wife-buns.

When he arrived we wasted no time with the bond, it was a beautiful day and we bonded them in a pen on the grass. Topsy was absolutely smitten over him, as if the Brad Pitt of the Bunny World had just walked in and said ‘I’m all yours!’. They hit it off straight away and they were the sweetest couple. My heart bled for Topsy who just deserved so much happiness.

Unfortunately, because of Topsy’s poor diet & care previously she had underlying health conditions to do with her kidneys. Muse was there for her every step of the way, even when she went to have a nephrectomy to remove a calcified kidney. Muse always shook like a leaf at the vets even though Topsy was having all the treatment (bless him). Topsy enjoyed 5 amazing months with Muse after the nephrectomy. He doted after her and made her feel so loved.

Left – Muse / Right – Topsy (post-op)

Further sadness came when Topsy became ill again and there was just too much strain on her other kidney. This time nothing could be done for her and we all had to let her go. It was very tough. We brought her home and Muse spent some time with her and gave her a wash, it was a sad but beautiful moment. Topsy is in our garden and has a beautiful rose where Muse often lays and we make sure he gets any cuttings to munch on.

Topsy’s Rose

We love Muse so much for what he did for Topsy, to think how strong he had to be to come through that and not be able to communicate with anybody. He actually bonded with us over that period, we would sleep downstairs with him so he was not on his own. It took a while but we eventually found him a new wife-bun.


Muse clearly felt awkward about re-bonding, I think he was really committed to Topsy but he eventually settled down with Clover. They are a right pair together, very cheeky. Clover also a French Lop can get into pretty much anything, cupboards, tubs, tins and boxes for food & treats, I think that really got Muse’s respect as he’s often there on look out duty and straight in there when she has unpicked her latest lock.

Left: Clover / Right: Muse

Muse is just a character, we spend more time watching him and Clover than any TV show, he is so entertaining. If you have House-Rabbits you may know that walk in their room with a biscuit, a piece of toast or god forbid, a banana and you will not see very much of it, they are on our lap in seconds taking it from your hand before it reaches your mouth! Not too mention Muse’s morning dancing around the front room at breakfast time as we come down the stairs he binky’s around the room like a like a little pony, just the most amazing Bunny!

He is the star of a little book I have published on Amazon –

Today he is 4 years old! & we love him! Happy Birthday Musey

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If you have your own bunnies we sell a lovely forage mix that Muse absolutely devours. We do not feed any fruit/vegetables to our bunnies except for occasional treats. We prefer a few nuggets, timothy hay, grass & dried forage.

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